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About Us

“Everything Starts from the Neck Up"

Fade 4 the Grade is an outreach and mentoring program designed to inspire youth to take pride in their appearance while striving to become focused and accomplished students.

Our Story

The guiding philosophy of Fade 4 the Grade is that “Everything Starts from the Neck Up “; both metaphorically and literally. This is actualized by teaching our youth how to make sound decisions when navigating life challenges through the responsibility of personal upkeep in grooming and in dress. The sum affect is improved performance of character in educational, workplace, public and private environments; becoming an upstanding example to peers and community of what is possible with appropriate guidance/mentorship.

Fade 4 the Grade has and will continue to make inroads into our communities with our “Back to School” program where we provide free haircuts to youth with the dual purpose of meeting them where they are, as well as to provide grooming services for those youth who otherwise may not be able to afford such luxuries before going back to school.

With this initiative, Fade 4 the Grade is able to provide much needed mentorship and opens the door to much needed programs such as financial literacy, business and entrepreneurship, investing, grooming and personal upkeep, choosing responsible and appropriate attire for various occasions, and improving decision making skills, which impact individual lives as well as the lives of others.

Fade 4 the Grade also functions as the umbrella organization for additional initiatives which focus upon and target generational problems which plague our communities.


These additional initiatives are:
1. Fading out Bullying
2. Fading out Domestic Violence
3. Fading out Homelessness
4. Fading out Cancer
5. Fading in Financial Literacy & Capability


“Fade 4 the Grade” will continue to work to meet these challenges and more, as our efforts are guided by our principles, known as “The 4 Pillar’s”:

Our Partners

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